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A photography project that aims to showcase the empowerment of women in coffee. The mission behind this project is, unveil and photograph the deepest thoughts, dreams, concerns and problems of female coffee producers and their most intimate moments in their day to day life. 

The statistics confirm female coffee farmers are becoming increasingly involved in cash crop productions as a result of male out-migration, or what's more commonly know as the "feminization of agriculture" (Deere, 2005, FAO, 2006). Also, these research ensure women in coffee are re-investing more than male coffee producers in education for their children, farm training for them, as well as, putting more back into the farms. 


A project that began during March 2020, exactly when this pandemic fully started. I felt everything was falling apart for me in relation to my professional career within the coffee industry. Clients canceling assignments, not able to travel to origin countries, I found myself feeling trap in a small apartment in Stamford, CT and decided the only way out of that was exploring through digital image composition with my coffee photography database. These photos encapsulate the fragility of our reality and how the begining of everything is basically a spark of energy. 


Brand created in 2018 to showcase my work through different digital outlets. From an Instagram account dedicated  to post recent coffee work and keep up to date with my trips and projects, a line of  t-shirts and puzzles with graphic pieces inspired in my coffee work, and finally  a YouTube channel, where I have the opportunity to speak on deeper level about my experience working in the coffee industry and post recorded videos of conferences or trips I've done in the past. 

 Conference at the first Coffee Symposium in Colombia 2019 talking about  Marketing in Coffee. 

Video series: 
"The story behind my photos" 

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