Video production

Paragon Coffee Trading

Video production for paragon coffee website as well as photographs.

You can check out the final work here:

Olam International At Source

Video production for At Source Platform sustainability project of Olam featuring Huila region in Colombia. 

Olam International AtSource

Video production for the sustainability project of Olam featuring coffee farmer José Norbey Sanchez and Diofanor Ruiz Largo at Quindio, Colombia. 

Mindful Menu Youtube Channel

Making coffee in a Cafflano Klassic. ASMR experience. 

Mindful Menu Youtube Channel

Aesthetic and ASMR Video Production. Making a delicious Baked Banana & Blueberry Oatmeal. 

Victorious Brand Olam 

New specialty Coffee Brand of Olam International featuring Diofanor Ruiz. 

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