Throughout my 8+ years working in the coffee industry, I’ve seen with my own eyes that women coffee producers—and their stories—do not get the exposure they deserve. It’s a dream of mine, as a female coffee photographer, to give back to these women a what better way than to unveil these stories through my art and my language: photography.  

We Belong is my first personal project and the goal is to publish a the first photo book dedicated to Colombian female coffee farmers, and help them claim their space and belonging to the coffee industry and show their universe to the world. This  book will be a visual glimpse into a side of coffee most haven’t yet seen: that of femininity and intimacy. I can assure you will relate  and fall in love with these stories. 

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Hello Coffee friends, see below the most recent updates of We Belong:

Jun 13 As of today, I've documented 50 stories for the book. I spent the past three months in the Quindio region, editing & filtering content, narrowing down the concept for the book, building the dream team for the book designer and editor, and I had the opportunity to re-visit the first 3 farmers I visited back in 2,019 for We Belong, as well as visiting 2 more women here in Quindio. In the next weeks I'll be embarking on the last trip for We Belong in the Nariño region. 

Feb 23rd As of today! I have documented 45 stories for the book. I spent 4 days in the towns of Concordia & Salgar in the Antioquia region, and after I spend 2 days in the town of Abejorral also in the Antioquia region. These next 2 months I'm going to be focusing on writing for the book and working on the layout. 

Jan 26th  Happy 2.022! As of today, I have captured 36 stories for the We Belong book. Spent 4 days in the Magdalena region, in an area called Central Cordoba. Every day I'm getting closer to finishing with the content creation phase.

8Dec 6th As of today, I have already documented 30 stories of female coffee producers. Last week, I had the chance to travel for the first time to the Cauca region and visited 4 farmers. It was a lovely and enjoyable trip, and each of the stories was really different. In the next weeks, I would be possibly traveling to Magdalena to visit some producers in Minca and Bonda. I'll keep you posted it :) 

Nov 10th It has been three months since I arrived in Colombia. On my last trip, funny enough, I went back to the South of Tolima. It was a pretty uplifting and rewarding trip. I documented four new stories for We Belong and wrapped up with the Tolima region. 

Oct 11th Last week, I spent 5 days in the South of Tolima between Planadas and Gaitania. It has been the toughest trip by far. Pretty challenging in terms of weather conditions, but for whatever reason, self-doubts and fears arise. But I pushed through and I'm pretty happy with the results. I've captured and documented 22 stories already! :) 

Sep 22nd  I have arrived in Colombia on August 5th, and today September 22nd I'm happy to share with you guys, I've documented 12 stories from different female coffee producers. Also, I'm done with my work in the Huila region, and in the upcoming weeks I'd be starting my adventure in the Tolima region for October, then It seems, I'd be spending November between Cauca, Magdalena, and Antioquia. 

To end this little note, I also wanna share with you guys, I've been putting together my first "field guide", which is a small magazine-style publication from these first 12 producers-- This publication will only be shared with producers I'll be visiting in the next months, to give them a little bit of perspective of the project. It helps me to start narrowing down photography content as well for the final publication: The official "We belong." 

July 20th  I have some exciting news to share with you. In the upcoming weeks, I’m going to be spending a year in Colombia during which I'll be focused on this personal photography project on women in coffee named “We Belong.” Throughout my 8+ years working in the coffee industry, I’ve seen with my own eyes that women coffee producers—and their stories—do not get the exposure they deserve. It’s a dream of mine, as a female coffee photographer, to give back to these women a what better way than to unveil these stories through my art and my language: photography. 


1) Since I am still in the content creation phase. And I hope to be able to reach women in even the most rural communities. I am looking for financial support to cover the project’s expenses since not all companies can fully sponsor my trips. 

Donations can be sent through my Buy me a coffee profilehttps://lnkd.in/e4F7_YF. Additionally, it is here that I will regularly post updates on the project. 

2) If you cannot help with #1 but still want to support my project. I'm looking for help, advice, and input regarding everything about the world of publishing a book. So if you know anyone that has the knowledge and is willing to help me. I would really appreciate it if you put us in touch.

If you have further questions or ideas, please reach out to me: info@luciaph.com.

GOALS FOR 2021-2022

Get sponsorship and financial support to cover all my travel expenses to visit 6 to 8 regions of Colombia.

Connect and gather stories from at least 60 women coffee producers in Colombia. 

Spread the word and connect with more organizations, individuals, and really any coffee lover to make this a collaborative project. 


Up to June 13th, I've visited a total of 50 coffee producers in 6 regions of Colombia. Starting with the Quindio region in the Montenegro, Genova and Circasia areas, then moving the Huila region, where I visted the areas of La Plata, Pitalito, Salado Blanco, Bruselas, and La Argentina. Also, I traveled to the South of Tolima and spent time in Aipe, Planadas, and Gaitania. Then, I spent four days in the Cauca region. The, I visited the Magdalena region, specifically an area called "Central Cordoba." Then I visited the  some areas of the Antioquia region, Salgar, Concordia & Abejorral. 

I've gotten sponsorship from 8 companies already.

I'll be back at traveling in April -- My last trip will be in Nariño. 

"The statistics confirm female coffee farmers are becoming increasingly involved in cash crop productions as a result of male out-migration, or what's more commonly known as the "feminization of agriculture. Also, this research ensures women in coffee are re-investing more than male coffee producers in education for their children, farm training for them, as well as, putting more back into the farms." - Deere (2005, FAO, 2006)

Let's get in touch! 

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